Group Photo

2007 Service Learning Program

July 21 - August 11

In July 2007, 300 students and 39 faculty members from Tsinghua University, accompanied by 74 students and faculty members from 11 American colleges and universities, traveled to 42 rural counties to launch the “2007 Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China.”

Teams of 8 to 10 members were dispatched to 45 of Tsinghua University’s current 152 e-Learning Centers (eventually there will be 592).  They instructed local teachers and students how to speak English, discussed research and teaching methodology, and served as mentors on best practices for academic success.  In the process, all participants contributed to, and benefited from, greater intercultural understanding, international goodwill and true global citizenship.

Participant Assignments

2007 Group Assignments with map

Summer 2007 Group Photo (3.10 MB)