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Center for Mandarin Teacher Training and Language Learning

The Center currently offers three program:

Mandarin Language Program
This program provides various teaching models. Students can attend the Mandarin language courses at Tsinghua University, and they can also learn in their home classrooms through interactive web-based tutorials. Arrangement can be made for programs lasting from one week to year round, and course content can range from business, tourism, food, health, culture and customs - whatever interests the learners might have.

Mandarin Teachers Training Program
This program will provide training courses to those teachers who are willing to teach Mandarin language abroad. The training courses will include: teaching methodology, the design of the teaching courses, the background and the differences of both Chinese and western cultures. The courses aim to help teachers have good command of Mandarin teaching skills at different proficiency levels.

Business Mandarin Program
This program provides businesses with individualized curriculum designs for their employees. Language consultants from Tsinghua University and Beijing Language and Culture University work with each student to target and meet their specific key needs. They bring with them different educational backgrounds in Chinese Business, International Trade, Law as well as Journalism, Communication, etc. All language consultants receive extensive training in trans-cultural communication and teaching methodology based on Structural Linguistics.

The Center welcomes schools and organizations who would like to develop cooperative programs that either bring students and/or teachers to Tsinghua University for language learning, business language, or programs that utilize Tsinghua-trained Mandarin language teachers in their own classrooms anywhere in the world.

For further information please contact the Wang Foundation or:

Professor Tang Ling
Deputy Director and Professor
International Education Training Center
Building 2, 34 Middle Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
The School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100020, P. R. China
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