Partner Institutions

The Wang Foundation has developed partnerships with select U.S. institutions committed to promoting global citizenship through international service learning in China. These partnerships give priority to their respective students and faculty for participation in low-cost poverty alleviation and cultural/linguistic programs administered by Tsinghua University. Each Partner Institution designates a Program Coordinator who is responsible for recruiting, selecting and preparing their institution's delegations for the affiliated programs.

Institutions interested in developing a partnership with Wang Foundation should contact the Founder and President, Dr. Peter C.C. Wang (


2008 Partner Institutions

International Student Exchange Program
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Lisa Karz

Pacific Lutheran University
Program Coordinator: Dr. Neal Sobania

San Diego State University
Program Coordinator: Dr. Mei Zhong

San Jose State University
Program Coordinator: Dr. Ping Hsu

University of South Florida
Program Coordinator: Dr. Scott Solomon

Wayne State University
Program Coordinator: Dr. HaiYong Liu